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    Nationally Recognized With the Local Reputation You Can Trust.

    Who is New Belle Construction?

    New Belle Construction does business differently. Our hands-on and personable approach to construction management and general contracting means that you’ll see us at the job site on a regular basis, proactively addressing issues should they arise. It means we are always acting in the best interest of your business.

    We’re not just a contractor; we’re a long-term partner. We pride ourselves on building connections with customers, solving problems, and going above and beyond the typical contractor relationship & deliverables.

    Commercial & Industrial Construction

    While by trade we build commercial metal buildings and industrial facilities – in reality, we build meaningful relationships based on the way we conduct business. We believe that our word is as good as a contract and always operate with the highest level of integrity. Simply said, our position doesn’t change even though circumstances may. Your business, is our business.

    Whether you need an airplane hangar, retail storefront, bank, or a car dealership, we have the expertise and experience to help you from start to finish. We can step in after you have your design established, or we can assist before a site has even been selected. We provide clients with access to likeminded partners, resources, engineers, geotechnical teams, architects and more. We bring your vision to life.

    Butler Builder Logo

    As a career Butler Builder?, you can trust we’ll deliver quality builds that go up quickly, are cost effective, architecturally appealing, and environmentally friendly.

    Featured Projects

    Bianco’s Gymnasium and Sports Facility New Construction-light
    Donegal Construction Metal Shop Building Steel Mezzanine and Laydown Yard Pavement Milling-light
    Nine Energy’s Commercial Office Construction-dark

    Questions? Contact us below!

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